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Al Buraimi, Oman

A small city situated on the edge of Oman and The United Arab Emirates, Al Buraimi is an ideal place to learn Arabic. Al Buraimi has a majority Arabic-speaking population with a variety of dialects represented. Everything you may need can be found within the city limits and specialty items can be found rather easily in nearby Sohar or by crossing into the more metropolitan cities of the UAE. Al Buraimi is about 4 hours away from Muscat, 1 hour away from Sohar (and the coast), and 2-3 hours away from Dubai and Abu Dhabi (depending on boarder time). There are also many locations around the city to satisfy nature lovers.

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Local Amenities:

Bowling alley


Car services (wash, repair, tires, etc)


Community theatre
Gyms (men's and women's)

Hardware stores

Home furnishing stores

Tailors (men's and women's)

Large supermarket

Office-supply (and book) stores

Restaurants (burgers, pizza, Indian, Jordanian, Iraqi, etc)


Community Opportunities:

Deaf Center

Fine Arts Center

Hiking Club
Sports Complex (hosting regular football, i.e. soccer, matches)

Toastmasters' Club

Volleyball Club

Women's Community Centers


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