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Arabic Writing

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We teach Modern Standard Arabic as well as Gulf Dialect to non-native Arabic speakers from around the world through immersive programs, annual intensives, private lessons, and/or online study. 


Programs for learning Modern Standard Arabic are widely available, but very few of these programs teach local dialects, and even fewer of them teach Gulf dialects. We do both! Consider the options below to see which one might be right for you. 

Our Academics

Image by Haythem Gataa
Four Semester Program:

Consisting of four in-person semesters, this option is designed to take students with no Arabic experience whatsoever and grow them into comfortable, capable communicators. It is an immersive program that begins in Arabic on day one and has produced countless Arabic speakers. Typically requiring 2 years to complete, this program covers reading, writing, and speaking in both Gulf Dialect and Modern Standard Arabic. 


There are no prerequisites for students beginning in semester one. Students with Arabic experience may begin in a class other than class one. In order to do so they will be required to complete a placement test to be assessed by the teachers of My Language Institute.


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Intensive Programs:

Summer Intensive:

Our four-week summer session in July of each year is one of our most popular study options, accommodating teachers and other part-time language students. 


Students must be able to read and write the Arabic alphabet, as class one begins with that foundational knowledge already in place. All students are asked to complete an assessment in order to be placed in the appropriate class level. 

Winter Intensive:

This quick, two-week session occurs every January and includes topical lessons in business, home life, and other essential subjects. Please contact us for more information about which sessions are available!

Private Lessons and Custom Sessions:

We’re happy to tailor our programs to accommodate our students’ needs! We offer in-person and online private lessons by the hour, as well as for other periods of time. Book hour-by-hour here, or contact us if you have a specific arrangement in mind!

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