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Student Visas

We offer student visas for students that join us for full-time study during the year. With this visa you are eligible for your residence card, driver’s license, car ownership, home rental, etc. Some airlines require that you provide proof that a visa has either been acquired or will be obtained upon arrival before traveling. We will provide an email to assure the airline that you will be admitted entrance to Oman. 

Tourist Visas

For those that study with us for a shorter session, there are tourist visas available through the Royal Omani Police website.Note that a tourist visa should be requested online before arriving in Oman.


obtaining your omani driver's license

The Process for Americans

What you'll need:

1. US Driver's License, at least one year old.

    • If your driver's license is less than one year old a driving test will be required.

2. Passport photos with a white background.

3. Eye exam.

     This can be obtained from the glasses shop in LuLu Hypermarket.

4. Photocopies of the following:

    a. Residence card (both sides)

    b. Driver's license (both sides)

    c. Residence visa

    d. Passport photo page

What you'll need to do:

1. Go to the Police Services Building.

2. Present your photocopies (Step 4 above) to Sanad Service Center (SSC) inside the Police Services Building.

3. SSC should give you the Omani Driver's License form.

     This form only contains Arabic. The SSC employee may fill out the form for you.

4. Know your blood type.

5. Present all papers to the Police Services employee at counter 18



Accomodations to Fit Your Needs

Our students come from many backgrounds and their housing desires have varied depending on marital status, budget, and many other factors. As such, we are committed to working with you to arrange housing prior to your arrival in Al Buraimi. There are a number of hotel-apartments to choose from if you are planning to join us for one of our short-term intensive programs or would like temporary housing while you search for something more permanent. We aim to help new and returning students acclimate to life in Al Buraimi as smoothly as possible.

Apartment rent can run between 80 and 130 Omani Riyals depending on a number of factors. Rent for houses can run between 150 and 250 riyals per month. The rent-payment schedule varies depending on the leasing-person or company and may be monthly, semi-monthly, or annually. We offer as much assistance in navigating the rental agreement as you would like.

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